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Here is a quick update:

Hessle Town Council met on Tuesday night to discuss a community response and I know plans are developing well with Hull City Council too. Several organisations are working with Hull City Council to set up a system to coordinate volunteers to help provide support to elderly, disadvantaged and disabled people across our community. I will update you all with details when this is complete and how to get involved.

There are simple ways we can start to help now:

  • Download and print the #ViralKindness cards to pop through the letter boxes of neighbours
  • Donate to the food banks because they have already run out of food
  • Encourage people only to buy what they need and not panic buy
  • Share the official guidance from and the NHS and report fake news sites to Facebook
  • Keep me updated with volunteering opportunities so I can share with everyone

There have been concerns raised about safeguarding so you may wish to consider writing a note on the cards reassuring people that you will not be asking for money.

There are many people in our community who are feeling anxious and uncertain about what will happen in the weeks ahead but I am confident if we all take only what we need and reach out and support those who are more vulnerable then we can get through this together.

Stay safe and there shall be another update soon,


Emma x

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