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On Monday, I will be returning to Parliament where I will meet with Labour’s Brexit team to discuss the ongoing Brexit situation. Following this, I will be trying to be called in Education questions, the subject of my question will be focused on school exclusions and the ‘flattening the grass’ behaviour policy from Delta schools. Following this, I will be meeting with the Minister for Small Business, Consumers and Corporate Responsibility, Kelly Tolhurst MP to discuss the ongoing situation with regards to Grotto Hire UK. For those of you who are not familiar with what is going on with Grotto Hire UK, workers have not been paid and are taking the company CEO to court for non-payment of wages. The CEO has said that he cannot afford to payment. His designated liquidators have refused to get involve and say that there is not enough money in the company to make it worth their while. This has left the workers in limbo and unable to claim from the insolvency fund. I will be calling on the Minister to act to find a way to wind up the company in the public interest and also tighten the rules to make it harder for company directors to do similar things in future.


On Tuesday, I will be returning to Hull to go out and about on the doorstep ahead of Thursday’s local elections to talk to residents about the issues that matter to them. I will also be attending the presentation of the Points of Light Award to Paul Matson from Hull for Heroes, one of the veterans charities that has done so much to help our veterans in the city.


On Wednesday, I will be speaking to the Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield about isolation rooms in schools. I will be asking her to provide guidance on the proper use of isolation rooms to make sure that they do not infringe the UN Rights of the Child Convention and to help schools utilise them in a more productive way. This action alone is not enough, however, and the Government needs to look again at school funding to make sure that schools have enough money to give every child a good education and not have to resort to isolation rooms in anything but the most necessary of circumstances. Following this, I will again be out and about in the community talking to residents.


Thursday is local election day. Hull has suffered massively under this government, losing 1 pound in every 3 since 2010 losing many of its vital services while Hessle has suffered from anti-social behaviour and lost its police presence because of Tory government cuts to local services. The Lib Dems have no plan for making Hull better, they are just opposition for opposition’s sake and in Hessle, they have been in charge of the Town Council for the last four years with very few results. The only way to really send a message to the government is by voting Labour and I’d invite as many residents as possible to do that on Thursday.


My meetings on Friday include Inspector Julian Hart and Eastfield Primary School. I will also be holding one of my regular advice surgeries in the Octagon.

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