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In this new weekly series I will be updating you on what’s been going on and what I’ve been doing in Westminster. I hope it will help explain what I do in London and how this will affect us in Hull West & Hessle. So here goes…

It’s been an interesting week to say the least.

Following my appointment as Shadow FE, HE, Skills and Apprenticeships Minister I have been in Westminster talking to the Shadow Education team discovering a little more about my new role and responsibilities.

Amongst some of the meetings I have had include talking to Humber Bridge Board about their safety improvement measures of which I am chasing up Nadine Dorries for funding. The Oracy All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) meeting discussion our plans for 2020, and the Holocaust Memorial Day reception in Parliament.

I have spoken in Parliament a couple of times this week raising issues about devolution of power to the North, of which I am still concerned about because I do not want Hull to be the forgotten city of the North, I will monitor the situation and report back as soon as I get further information.

I also spoke during the Queen’s Speech Debate on the vascular disease crisis we have in the UK and particularly in Hull, (click this link for the unabridged version ) and I am glad to say that this issue has been covered in-depth by the media across the country and hopefully by raising these concerns we can raise awareness of the illness and hopefully stop the rise in amputations we are seeing in Hull.

Back in the constituency I have met with several businesses looking to help our communities with innovation in technology, I have spoken to a Rail Consultant looking at ways we can ensure Hull gets the rail infrastructure, rolling stock and timetabling it needs to thrive and I have done some interviews with BBC, ITV, and newspapers to promote these issues. Finally I was at the Aura Innovation Centre as a guest of Hull University with the Vice-Chancellor to discuss my new role and future plans for the University.

Rest assured, everything that I am doing is because you re-elected me to represent you in Parliament. The issues I am working on in 2020 are the ones you have told me are important to you.

So after another week passes, I can honestly say that I am honoured to be your MP, and I shall do all I can to ensure everyone in our communities gets their voice heard in our Parliament, and I shall continue to work hard for all of us in Hull West and Hessle. Stay safe and have a great weekend.

Emma x

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