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Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election and I am no longer an MP.

Proud to be the new Shadow Further Education and Higher Education Minister

I’m delighted to have been offered the position of Shadow Further Education and Higher Education Minister. As you know I have been working very hard to ensure all our children and young adults get the opportunity to fulfil their potential in my constituency and I will now be able to work with our Shadow Education Secretary to hold the government to account nationally, and this is something I am looking forward to.

Since I was first elected, I have paid special attention to our children and young adults needs, including sitting on the Education Select Committee where I helped secure agreement from government to cut the cost of school uniforms through reducing branded items. I have also campaigned to have SEND provisions reformed, called for university fees to be scrapped and for a ban on schools use of informal exclusions.

I will use my new position to push for increased funding for FE and HE, a high focus on quality vocational training and apprenticeships and access and support for children with SEND too. I now have a great opportunity, to help children in Hull and across the country to unlock their full potential by ensuring the government provides the necessary educational resources, funding and infrastructure that our children and young adults require.  I will provide the strong opposition our country needs by rigorously scrutinising the policies this Tory government introduce.

Finally, rest assured I will not neglect or let up on the hard work I do for everyone in Hull West & Hessle and it is because of your support that I can do what I do.

Thank you all for your continued support, and I hope to see you all soon.

Emma Hardy MP

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