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As the hazy summer holiday starts to fade away and the autumn dusk looms on the horizon, this week sees my return to Parliament;


I am around the constituency on Monday and first off I am doing a talk at the KC Stadium on the importance of a broad, balanced and rich curriculum for our children in schools.

Then I shall be with Groundworks, discussing their project on Bean Street and developing Beanie Superheroes.

And to finish a busy Monday I shall be attending the Crown Paints demonstration in support of our workers there, to demand a living wage for the great people of hull.


Back in Parliament I will be attending the Raise the Rate campaign to ensure there is adequate funding for 16 to 18 year olds in Hull West & Hessle which is being squeezed by this abominable government. This is followed by a Foreign & Commonwealth questions session.

The next big event is the bid to make Hull a Maritime City. A project I have been working really hard on, to help improve national knowledge of our maritime & fishing heritage, drive employment and create more tourism in our fair city.


Starting off with the Labour Partys’ new Animal Welfare Bill, calling for tougher sentences for those that commit animal cruelty, raising the maximum sentence from 6 months to 5 years.

Then I am dressing up and doing a photo shoot for Wear it Pink to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Later that morning I am then doing a 10 min rule motion to introduce a Bill so local authorities can have increased powers to make compulsory purchases on empty, unused properties that landlords refuse to do anything with.  This is particularly pertinent in Hull with some historically relevant buildings standing empty and derelict.

Later that afternoon, I shall be attending a debate about the acceptance and teaching of LGBT issues within schools. Followed by an important debate regarding how best to deliver a zero carbon Humber to ensure a better world for our future generations.


As my role as Parliamentary Private Secretary for Keir Starmer MP I am involved in a Brexit discussion and questions session in Parliament.

In the afternoon I shall be doing a TV interview with ITV on my recent RE:uniform campaign, in which I will be discussing why this has to be done and steps we can take to tackle the cost of living issues so many of us face.

Then back up to Hull for the PM, where I shall be attending the Nautical Institute of Hulls’ Networking Event celebrating the revival of the Nautical Institute in Hull.


Friday opens up with my Octagon Surgery from 10am – 1pm, followed by an event onboard the Kirkella for a lunch and discussions about post-Brexit solutions for the fishing industry in Hull.

…And that is my weekly round up. Do get in touch if you have any issues and the best of the week to you all!



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