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Please find below a summary of my activities for the week


On Monday, I will return to Parliament and will be meeting with Labour’s Brexit team. Following this, I will be asking a question during Defence Questions. Since being elected, I have done all that I can to support our veterans and their organisations and it was a pleasure recently to meet with Steve from Hull Veterans Support Centre on Beverley Road and Paul Matson from Hull for Heroes. I will be asking the Minister to meet with me to discuss how he can support the building of a Veterans Village in Hull.

Also on Monday, I will be launching a video to raise awareness of Peer to Peer Sexual Abuse that I recorded with Jess Phillips MP. Members of the Women and Equalities Select Committee and the Education Select Committee, Jess Phillips MP and Emma Hardy MP are joining forces to highlight 2018 guidance to schools about child-on-child sexual violence to help prevent victims having to share classroom space with their alleged attackers. Recommendations published by the Government last year say in relation to allegations of rape and assault by penetration, “Whilst the school or college establishes the facts of the case and starts the process of liaising with children’s social care and the police, the alleged perpetrator should be removed from any classes they share with the victim”. However, recent research by Teacher Tapp shows that the vast majority of teachers are not even aware the new guidance exists. Even fewer numbers had received training.

In addition to this, there is a chance that Theresa May will be bringing back her meaningful vote for a third time. It will come as no surprise to anyone that I will be voting against the deal. It is time for Parliament to take control through a series of indicative votes so that we can establish what there is a majority for in Parliament so that a new negotiating position can be established to make sure we are able to leave the EU with a good deal.


On Tuesday, I will be attempting to ask a question to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. If I am called, my question will be about my constituent Angie who first raised the issue of surgical mesh implants with me. Angie has had to put her mesh removal on hold for a while as she must continually travel to either Manchester or London for pre-op procedures, something she finds exceptionally difficult because of her mesh related injuries. I will be arguing that the NHS is one organisation and that Angie should be able to have her procedures in Hull without having to travel all over the country.


On Wednesday, the Education Select Commiittee will be meeting to discuss the issue of knife crime. In January and February 2019 there were 41 fatal stabbings in England and Wales. This figure is the highest since records began and has led to a renewed debate around the causes of and solutions to knife crime. Police commissioners have linked exclusions and knife crime and school and sector leaders have expressed disappointment in the implication that schools are responsible for the rising rates of knife crime. This session is an opportunity for the Committee to follow up on its report: ‘Forgotten children: alternative provision and the scandal of ever increasing exclusions, and to explore the role the education and children’s services sectors could play in preventing and protecting children from knife crime’.

Following this in the afternoon, I will be speaking in a local government finance debate in Westminster Hall. As well as highlighting the grave situation whereby Hull City Council has lost one pound in every three from its budget, I will be highlighting the dire need for more money to be put into our road network to allow us to repair and redevelop key roads such as Calvert Lane and for more to be done to support walking and cycling in the city. A good walking and cycling strategy is vital to reduce traffic in a city and bring down levels of pollutions and greenhouse gas emissions and I am proud that Hull City Council has recently allocated £2.5 million of funding to support this but the central government in Westminster must do more to offer further support to our city on this matter.


On Thursday, my meetings include Unite the Union, Hessle High School and the Army Engagement Team. I will also be making a visit to the A63 site.


On Friday, my meetings include Matt Jukes and Cllr Hester Bridges. I will also be holding my surgery in the Octagon. This surgery is by appointment only.

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