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Action update on Priory residents meeting

On Monday night I attended a residents meeting at Priory Baptist Church to hear the concerns of local residents about increased crime and anti-social behaviour in the area. It was great to have the opportunity to speak to those who attended the meeting and better understand the issues they have been facing.

Following the meeting I contacted the West Hull Community Police Team, The Antisocial Behaviour Team at the council and the Neighbourhood Network to see if they can work together to improve the situation.

Lucy Kevan, the new police inspector for Hull West, responded with the good news that PC Harrison is now in the process of setting up a group with the Neighbourhood Network for the ward and will be running a regular police surgery. They will be inviting the ASB officer to these surgeries also and this will give the residents the opportunity to speak with them on a regular basis regarding any concerns they have.

The Council’s ASB Team have also got back to say they are happy to work with you and are looking into whether Coronation Rd and the surrounding area can be made a priority area for response.

During the meeting it was raised how difficult the problems in the area had been for residents and how events had really affected people’s mental health. I was incredibly concerned about this so I contacted the charity Mind who have offered to put on a group session for anyone who would benefit from talking about their experiences. I will be sharing details of this when a time and location has been decided.

It was also clear that residents feel there is a strong need for better youth services in the area. I am currently looking into what youth provisions could be introduced and will update you when I make progress on this.

Over the coming weeks I will be asking for updates from the police and council to find out what has been put in place and how things are progressing and will of course share this with residents.

If any residents would like to contact me individually, please do email me using or call me on 01482 219211.

Emma Hardy MP




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