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Please find below a summary of my activities for the week


On Monday, I will return to Parliament and will be meeting with Labour’s Brexit team. Following this, I will be meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of BAE Systems to discuss diversification of manufacturing at Brough. Workers at BAE Systems in Brough have always been at the forefront of developing technology and manufacturing, but after meeting some of the workers recently I am becoming increasingly concerned about their sole reliance on the Hawk orders. I am glad that BAE are taking these concerns seriously and envisage making another statement after the meeting on Monday.


On Tuesday, the Education Select Committee will be holding an accountability session with Amanda Spielman, HM Chief Inspector at Ofsted and Sean Harford, the National Director of Education at Ofsted.

Later in the day, I will be speaking in a debate on the Police Grant and Local Government Finance reports. Since being elected in 2017, I have made no secret of the fact that I feel that more money needs to come from central government for both our police and local government services. Austerity has really bitten in Hull and it is affecting the real lives of real people. The government’s scheme of placing more reliance on local areas to raise more of their own money locally is not a sustainable model for an area with a tax base as low as Hull’s and I will be telling the minister that on Tuesday.

Later in the day I will be speaking at the All Party Parliamentary Group on Apprenticeships about raising the esteem of apprenticeships in education. I will be continuing to make the point that equality of esteem with apprenticeships can only come from equality of outcome and that there needs to be a clear pathway for progressing from a level 2 apprenticeship to a level 3 apprenticeship all the way up to a degree level apprenticeship.


On Wednesday, I will be hosting the winners of my Christmas Card design competition in Parliament. Later in the day I will be meeting with Minister Jackie Doyle Price to discuss mental health in schools and the alarming increases in the rates of suicide. I envisage making a further statement after the meeting.


On Thursday, my meetings include Emma Latimer from Hull Clinical Commissioning Group, Ian Kelly from the Chamber of Commerce, Brigitta Laszlo from Ashiana- to talk about Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, Tracy Stephens from the Fisherman’s Mission and Louise Cheeseman from Hull Trains.


On Friday, I will be attending an update on the ongoing developments to Castle Street and Calvert Lane before hosting a drop in surgery. I will also be doing a talk for the Hull University Politics Society.

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