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Dear Friends,

I am asking all of you to donate any old laptops or notebooks that you no longer use to our schools.

During this period of containment most of our children are now being home schooled and many do not have access to the proper equipment required.

Any laptops that are donated will be cleaned and formatted by specialist technicians to industry standards; no private data will be passed on.  These donations could make such a difference to our children’s education and well being during these difficult times.

Also, if there are any technicians out there that wish to volunteer their expertise in wiping these laptops, this would be greatly appreciated as well.

The two schools that are part of this pilot are:

Newington Academy on | 01482 305630

Chiltern Primary School on | 01482 327315

Please contact the schools directly and they will provide instructions of how to donate the laptops.

Many thanks in advance,

Emma x


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