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Westminster has been busy again this week, whenever is it not?

But first let me address the flooding situation, huge thanks go out to all the workers, emergency services, councils and everyone else involved that have been helping out across the region, doing such a good job, and my heart goes out to everyone affected, we work hard for our homes and to see them damaged is very tough to take.

Secondly, may I ask, where is Boris? He has been know where near the North, yet again. When there is an emergency, it is vital that the PM stands us and reassures us, that the government are dealing with the crisis on hand. I have heard horror stories about peoples homes being destroyed by the flooding and they’ve not heard a peep from the government.

Does he think that hiding from the media removes him from the blame? He has once again proven he is not worthy of your vote and not worthy to run our country.

Anyway, back to Westminster, and the main issues I have spoken on this week are as follows:


With all the news regarding South Yorkshire agreeing a devolution deal and Leeds city working on one, I have been very concerned regarding what is going to happen to Hull. There seems to be confusion regarding priorities and deciding issues from the Government.

We need to work cross-party to ensure that Hull does not miss out on gaining devolved powers from Parliament. I will continue to push for a devolved deal based on the Humber because that is the economic model we need.

Government Reshuffle

This month’s Cabinet chaos showed that Boris Johnson is out of control. With just a few weeks to go until the Budget he is more concerned with internal power games than the future of the country.

He has given the Presidency of COP26 (the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC) to someone with a record of voting against climate change measures, appointed an Attorney General who has argued against the Human Rights Act, and an International Development Secretary who has questioned overseas development aid.

Boris Johnson’s new cabinet is now even less diverse, with more male, white and privately educated ministers than his last one. He broke his promise to promote a record number of women, meaning three quarters of Cabinet Ministers are men.

In summary, a total shambles.

Child Services

I spoke in the House about the alarming number of children under our care in Hull and I got an agreement from the Minister to have a meeting with all the Hull MP’s to discuss how we can makes sure we have the fair funding agreement in Hull to help those most at risk.



I also got the Secretary of State for Environment George Eustice to agree to come and talk to the Lagoon Hull project team to discuss how we can better protect Hull from flooding and make our city sustainable for the future

I am currently in negotiations to arrange both of these meetings so stayed tuned for updates.

On Tuesday Mr. Dan Carradice, Associate Chief Medical Officer and Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon and I met with the Health Minister Edward Argar MP to discuss vascular care, lower limb amputations and patient outcomes for people in Hull. We also talked about what we needed in Hull to improve Hull’s vascular service infrastructure to reduce local lower limb amputation rates.

The meeting went really well. The Minister listened carefully as Dr Dan made a compelling case for investment and he has offered to come to Hull to meet patients, visit the ward, talk to Dan again and see the problems we face first hand. He has also asked for more information on specifically what we need to be sent to him.

This is really positive step forward for the campaign and something I intend to build on before the Minister arrives. If you are interested in supporting me with the campaign to increase investment and raise awareness in Vascular disease then just email me on or message below.

Thursday was a meeting with Chief Superintendent Darren Downs this afternoon to discuss the improvements that have been made in the city to reduce anti-social behaviour and the movement and allocation of future police resources. It was great to hear positive changes have taken place and it is now important for everyone to work together to maintain standards and continue to improve the situation moving forwards. Many thanks to Darren, his team and all the agencies involved for all their hard work.

Now on Friday I had a great meeting back in Hull with Endeavour and the adult education students and one of my fave questions ever came about the catering in Parliament and if it’s any good. Well the good news it is good, and there are 3 different cafes to go to, they are of the type you get in a normal workplace, were you queue up with a tray and shuffle along filling your plate until you reach the till, nothing particular fancy. But you can get a meaty feast wrap for breakfast which is a flatbread stuffed with black pudding, bacon, sausage etc.

This question has also given me an idea to start sharing with you my day to day life in Parliament. From things like the toilets getting blocked to the kind of food we can get in the cafes to missing the tube needed to get to a meeting on time. So watch this space…

I truly hope you all have a great weekend, I am going to spend a few days with my children and hopefully have a relaxing weekend as well.

Emma x

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