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Parliamentary recess meant this week I was hard at work in the Constituency…

For those that don’t know about recess, the rule of thumb is that generally when there are children school holidays, parliament is normally in recess, which means we don’t sit in the House of Commons and no business is done.

Not to say that this is a holiday (although I have heard some Tory MP’s treat it as such), I for the most of the week have been back home in Hull West and Hessle conducting constituency business.

The Backbone of My Politics – Working with my onstituents…

Monday was totally filled up with meetings, and I started by meeting with a Labour Council colleague of mine to discuss lots of local constituent issues in her ward.

Then I shot off to meet with Innovation People at my office to discuss what they could offer regarding education training and provisions, a great local company with some wonderful solutions. This led on to meeting up with Isobel Hall who is the President of the Students Union for the University of Hull, and we discussed how some students are struggling with loans and the cost of living whilst attending the uni. There should be some national action from SU’s across the country as they will be lobbying the government on these issues.

They have my support!!

I had some lunch and soon after did an interview with a new local magazine called The New Mail, keep your eyes peeled! This was immediately followed by a Butterfly City meeting over at the Aura Innovation Centre and a few more meetings before I tied the day up around 6pm.

Of note was the excellent meeting with Rebecca Holmes, founder of the Endometriosis support group in Hull. As you know I have campaigned tirelessly for improved awareness and treatment of Endometriosis and its great to see more groups like this opening up to our constituents.

Tuesday was a family day, where I spent the day with my lovely girls and had some plain normal family time together. This is something I really do miss when I am in Westminster from Monday until Thursday evening.

Wednesday saw the launch of the DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) audio equipment that I have purchased for my constituency, I am sure you have seen my tweets and Facebook, but here is the link to the video explaining how this equipment will help anyone going for a PIP assessment. Please do get in touch if you need to borrow the equipment.

Then we had the wonderful Angela Rayner visit us in Hull and I went with Karl Turner MP along with her to the Same Difference, which is an adult social care provider and does a wonderful job around Hull. It is always such a pleasure to see what amazing work you all do in our communities.

Thursday I spent with my girls again and Friday I am out campaigning for the local by-election in Hessle in support the Hessle Labour Party. (I have also had my hair cut as well ).

So, that is it for another week, please do get in touch with me if you are having a PIP assessment any time soon and I can provide you with the audio equipment and some advice as well.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and see you next week!

Emma x



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