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Emma commented on the Government’s Spring Statement:

“This is a statement without ideas from a government without ideas. It does nothing to address the concerns of the people of Hull West and Hessle. It fudges figures, talk in vague terms that half promise money without committing and re-announce funds that they have already committed like it’s a new pot of money.

“It is easy for the Chancellor to throw around figures but 9 years of Tory austerity are having a real effect on people’s lives. I spoke today in the Chamber about there being no extra money coming forward for children with special education needs and disabilities in schools, despite the fact that there is evidence to suggest that children are being given support not on the basis of what they need but on the basis of what mere rations are available. There is no extra money for roads in Hull, despite the fact that roads like Calvert Lane need to be repaired and remodelled. There is no extra money for mental health, despite the fact that suicides in Yorkshire are up 30% from 10 years ago.

“This Spring Statement is a complete disappointment and I will be pushing the government over the coming weeks and months to do so much better.”

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