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Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election and I am no longer an MP.

“The news today about BAE cutting over 400 jobs at its site in Brough is devastating for the workers and their families and my thoughts are with them. Although the site is not in my constituency, BAE are a big local employer and the men and women who work on the Eurofighter are highly skilled workers. The loss of these jobs is going to have an appalling impact on them, the local economy and wider supply chains.

“While it is BAE that has taken this decision, it is this Conservative government’s decisions on defence spending that have ultimately led to this situation. They must come forward urgently with a clear plan to secure these jobs at BAE.

“The major reason that has led to this job loss is the slowdown in orders for the Hawk aircraft that is made at the site at Brough, but the Government could take immediate steps to help this by ordering 9 new Hawks for the Red Arrows and bring forward a Defence Industrial strategy that supports service personnel, industry, British manufacturing and jobs all along the supply chain.”

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