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Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election and I am no longer an MP.

Lots of people have been asking me about how I’m going to vote on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill on Monday…

I agree that the referendum result must be respected and I will do exactly what I promised during the election and that is to fight for the best Brexit deal for everyone in Hull West and Hessle.

We are leaving the EU in March 2019 because we have triggered Article 50. We will leave the EU whether we all vote for this bill or not. This bill is not about whether we leave the EU but HOW we leave the EU.

This Bill is a power grab by Theresa May’s failing government. She should not be using Brexit to hoard powers in Westminster. No one voted to “take back control” and powers from the EU to just give it all to Theresa May.

As a trade unionist I have many deep concerns about the impact this bill could have on workers rights and no matter how many times the Tory David Davis asks us to trust him, I don’t! We all know what they did to Trade Union Rights with awful the Trade Union Bill. I will never trust a Tory.

There is still time for Theresa May to listen to all these concerns before the vote on Monday and, if she does, then it is still possible for there to be agreement on this important issue and a much better bill to be introduced.

Because I’m in the shadow Brexit Team parliamentary rules don’t allow me to speak in the debate on Monday so I wanted you to all know what I’m thinking and I hope I have your support

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