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Following the latest government announcement on the new job support scheme, Emma Hardy MP for Hull West and Hessle had this to say:

“This scheme is a big step back from furlough and the support is only available to those workers who can work 33% of their normal hours. This means that those people in work not currently working their hours will get no support and could possibly lose their jobs.

Labour called for a targeted system of support for all the self-employed people that have fallen through the cracks and received no help at all, yet there is nothing in this scheme for them. There is also nothing in this scheme to help with retraining and upskilling those who have lost their jobs due to this crisis either.

I will do everything I can to protect jobs and businesses in Hull West and Hessle, and I welcome any scheme that keeps people in work and allows businesses to survive, but as this government has shown time and time again with its promises the devil is in the detail. ”

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