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Dear Constituents,

September sees the return of my Big Conversation Events across Hull West & Hessle. This will be the third consecutive time I have held these events across our constituency.  Last year I held 19 events across 4 weeks and contacted over 36,000 households.

These events are designed with you at the very heart of them; it is you that come along and deliver to me what the driving issues are in your area.

Last year, because of these events and of what you told me, I have been able to address the government and push for a fairer education system that focuses on individual abilities rather than league tables and exam results. I have been able to campaign on period poverty and menstrual well-being so our children are better able to develop in schools. And I have been able to secure changes to governmental guidance for school uniform, ensuring that it will have less branding and become more affordable for all families.

There were many more issues that you asked me to voice in Parliament such as anti-social behaviour and improvements to policing, campaigning for better Mental Health services within schools, and I have been able to support constituents on Universal Credit and direct them to services which can assist them further. These are all ongoing battles that I am having with the government but ones from which I shall not shy away from until I get the results that you deserve.

For a comprehensive breakdown of all the action I have taken from last years events click on this link Big Conversation. 

So, soon enough you shall be receiving my Big Conversation 2019 information through your door and on my social media posts on Facebook and twitter advertising where I shall be and when.

I truly hope to meet and listen to as many of you as possible, because what matters to you matters to me…and it directs the actions I take in Hull West & Hessle and in Parliament.

As ever, do please get in touch if you have any issues or would like updating on any of my actions, and do take care…


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