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Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election and I am no longer an MP.

Emma Hardy MP seeks clarification on the funding of fire safety checks on high-rise cladding panels in Hull

Emma Hardy, MP for Hull West and Hessle, today tabled a written question in Parliament asking if the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid, will provide the necessary funding to Hull City Council to test the safety of cladding panels on high-rise flats that do not contain aluminium composite material (ACM).

Currently, the Government will only test panels which are made from aluminium composite materials. Flats in Hull West and Hessle do not have panels made from ACM, but Hull City Council, rightly, feel it is important to test all cladding panels to demonstrate they are safe and to ensure that residents feel reassured.

Emma Hardy MP said:

“The Council are taking positive steps to test the panels on their high-rise flats, but this will come at considerable expense and is bound to impact on the spending capacity in other areas of council activity.

By refusing to confirm they will fund the testing of all cladding panels in high-rise flats, the Conservatives are yet again showing disregard for the concerns of residents and are ignoring the funding pressures they have inflicted upon Hull City Council.”

Note: The two written questions are:

To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, if he will provide funding to councils to test for fire safety of the cladding on high rise flats which do not have aluminium composite material.

To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, whether his department plans to provide funding required by (a) Hull City Council and (b) other councils to carry out fire safety tests on cladding for high-rise flats other than those which have aluminium composite material panels.

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