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In a report from Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, it has been announced that seven Boots pharmacies are due to close in Hull at the beginning of 2024. This comes at a critical time with concerns over the extra strain this will put on A&E and GPs services in the city during what is expected to be a busy winter period.

Over recent years, pharmacies have become part of the primary care system, with people encouraged to consult a pharmacist for non-urgent matters as a way of alleviating pressures on GP services. These closures will now mean Hull will lose  some of it’s vital primary care services therefore adding additional pressure on already struggling GP practices across the city.

There has also been concerns in recent times over shortages of some medication and  pharmacy closures only adds to those concerns. The closure of these pharmacies will further limit availability of medication which will be a huge worry for those who are dependent.

While it is currently unknown what the closures mean in term of job security for employees, there will certainly be worries as closures in other parts of the country have seen redundancy and job losses. Many pharmacists across the city have been part of the ‘Save Our Pharmacies’ campaign, something which Hull West and Hessle MP has supported and raised in Parliament.

Speaking on the closures Emma Hardy has said: “After 13 years of Tory cuts to our NHS, pharmacies have had to become a vital part of the primary care system and I am deeply concerned about the implications of this on our struggling A&E department and GP surgeries.”

“I also worry about the impact on resident in West Hull. Pharmacies play a vital role in our community, providing essential services and advice and particularly for those who use a pharmacy regularly, they will be losing a service which has knowledge and understanding of their medical history.”

“Over the past few years, I have met with several pharmacists in Hull West and Hessle, who have raised concerns about the future of their profession. It is important to support pharmacists and their staff and I will continue to raise these concerns in Parliament as it is essential that residents have adequate access to pharmacy services.”


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