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Whilst I welcome the Fresh start funding the college is receiving I am concerned that the restructure they are forced to go through will result in compulsory staff redundancies.

This is a blow to the hard-working staff at the college, many of whom have had the threat of redundancies hanging over them for many years.

Hull College is such a vital resource for this area and helps so many young people to gain the guidance, support and skills they need for their future and I hope it can continue to do this for many years.

But the only way it can be an effective college is by having committed and qualified staff. I hope the college seeks all opportunities to work with the unions such as UCU and Unison to ensure as many staff as possible can be redeployed, retrained or given support to seek other employment opportunities.

I am pleased to have been reassured that this will be the last restructuring Hull College will face for a long time and I look forward to a period of stability so that the staff do not constantly feel the strain of uncertain employment and the students can learn in a supportive environment.

I wish everyone the best at the college and will continue to support you as much as I can.

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