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Dear Constituents,

Last October I organised The Big Conversation 2017, an event which would enable me to chat to as many of my constituents as possible to discuss different issues that affect Hull West and Hessle.

Over two weeks we had over twenty meetings across the constituency, covering a great variety of topics such as Housing, the NHS and Police Cuts as well as general community issues.
The Big Conversation 2017 was a great success and proved to be a perfect opportunity to meet many of you and listen to your valuable views and opinions. I was then able to use all this information to prioritise what to tackle in the constituency and what to address in Parliament in the year ahead.

Since October I have met with Hull City Council to address some of these issues directly. This was the case with concerns regarding cuts to a small local bus service that people rely on and with getting the backing and funding to reinstate the Pickering Park Aviary.

Through meeting and putting pressure on Highways England, I forced them to agree to begin work on the development of the A63, Castle Street underpass scheme, which was a very pleasing result for such a long standing campaign.
Involving myself in other campaigns to stop education funding cuts and prevent surgical mesh being used on the NHS, has made a huge difference, as well as championing charities such as Giroscope who support a volunteer scheme to make affordable housing for people in Hull West and Hessle.

My time in Parliament has enabled me to put pressure on the government to give more money to the Humberside Police and relay concerns of cancer treatment medication being stopped too early due to funding cuts. Then in July this year I was delighted to hear that after months of asking the Government to provide funding for the new Hull CAMHS mental health unit, they have released the money and it is due to open in early Autumn next year.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who got involved with The Big Conversation 2017. It provided me with the essential guide I needed in order to represent you all as my constituents and I hope you will help contribute to my next Action Plan by getting involved in The Big Conversation 2018.

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