On Monday, I will be back in Parliament where I will meet with Labour’s Brexit team. Following this, I have a question to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government about helping to support vulnerable children. I will be asking him about information we have heard from witnesses at the education select committee about why children with education health and care plans are receiving support based on what the council can afford rather than what they are entitled to. This is a major problem and it is one that is in the gift of the government to solve. I will be asking them to ensure that funding is based on need, not resources.


On Tuesday, I will be asking a question to the Chancellor of the Exchequer about Police Funding. I recently conducted a survey on Anti-Social Behaviour and Policing in Hull West and Hessle. What the response to this survey demonstrated is that my constituents are all too aware of the lack of police on our streets. One constituent said ‘It would be very nice to see a copper occasionally’ and another ‘We need the police back in Hessle – increased issues since it closed’. The Chancellor must ensure that more core funding is provided for police by central government to keep my constituents safe in their homes and on the streets of Hull and Hessle.

Later in the day, I will be speaking in a general debate on Housing. I will be arguing that Modular Housing could be a huge industry for Hull. “Modular housing” is a method of construction. It involves the construction of parts of a building in factory conditions which are then assembled into a finished house. These methods of construction are generally faster, cheaper, more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient than traditionally built houses. They can be used to build detached, semi-detached, terraced or towered housing. Hull is well placed, given our existing caravan industry to transition towards making more of these modular homes. Not only is this environmentally friendly but it could bring thousands of well- paid jobs to Hull. I will be asking the government for a steady stream of funding to help make this a reality.


My meetings on Wednesday include a roundtable on vocational education at the Embassy of Finland and Aura Innovation.


On Thursday, I will have the great pleasure of presenting Hull for Heroes’ Paul Matson with the Points of Light Award for all that he has done to assist and support Hull’s veterans. He thoroughly deserves the recognition for the amazing amount of energy he puts in. Later on in the day, my meetings include Elizabeth Nassem on bullying in schools and Police Inspector Julian Hart, who is newly appointed to St Andrews and Docklands Neighbourhood Policing Team who will be updating me on the efforts to deal with the problems involving sex workers in the Hessle Road area..


On Friday, I will be meeting with Tony Jennings from Grotto Hire UK and the Humber Bridge Board.

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